Fresh air over Aarhus
By establishing Denmark’s first highctech outdoor plant wall in Aarhus, Mejlgade Lab , Aarhus Green Living Lab , will put the spotlight on sustainable urban development by beautiiying the town at the same time as reusing rainwater, reducing co2 levels and increasing biodiversity.

What is the idea behind the project?
‘The city’s lungs’ is about trying to bring nature closer to the city and generating sustainable urban development by focusing on improving air quality, intelligent climate adaptations, co2 reduction and increasing biodiversity. We applied ior iunding to establish Denmark’s first permanent vertical plantwall in the centre of Aarhus.

What did the support from the Ministry of the Environment mean?
The support has been completely crucial, not just economically. Receiving the backing of the Ministry of the Environment generates a trust that new projects can find difficult to establish. The support has increased the visibility of the project and also increased the willingness of a number of our partners to be involved.

What does the project mean for the local area?
It means thatAarhus can become a pioneer for plant walls in Denmark and can thereby help set the agenda for sustainable cities. The direct impact of the wall is to beautify the local area and cleanse the air. We started planting the wall in 2014 and it is our aim to invite citizens of Aarhus, to take part in workshops and learn about recycling rainwater, air pollution and improvement, biodiversity and green transitioning.
In the next phase of the project, Mejlgade Lab would like to test new products and systems for plantwalls as well as green roofs for local discharge of rainwater in the city.