A greener life in the city

What defines the good and sustainable life in the densely populated inner city of the future?
At Mejlgade Lab we believe that part of the answer lies in the relations that we as citizens can create with our surrounding nature and neighbourhood. A greener city is notjust a more beautiful city but also a healthier city to live in‘ We can take care of our natural infrastructure, whether that be a green oasis or a particularly biodiverse spot, together, which can lead to stronger relationships with our neighbours and our neighbourhood as well as increasing our understanding of nature‘ We at Mejlgade Lab think it would be very exciting to set up the framework for such a development and we hope that you want to join in!

Citizen-green and climate adapt your Latin Quarter
The idea behind this project is to give you, as a resident of the Latin Quarter. the inspiration and opportunity to start up a greening project in your area‘ Mejlgade Lab will act as the facilitator
who connects residents with the relevant technicians
and municipal authorities that can make the changes

One ofthe aims of this project is to look into how
citizens in a city like Aarhus can be involved as active
co-creators of a greener urban environment We hope
to illustrate how citizens can share responsibility and
ownership of their area in a way that successfully ex-
ploits the spatial potential of the city‘ We want to show
how improved urban life quality goes hand in hand with
a closer relationship to our neighbours and nature‘