Denmark’s first symbiosis park and educational platform for urban circular processes
Mejlgade Lab hopes to collaborate with a number of partners to create Denmark’s first eco-systems and symbiosis park with inbuilt educational platform for urban circular processes. Our preferred location for this park would be on Pier 2 in the new harbour development in Aarhus C. The park would be inspired by nature’s own circular processes and showcase these in an innovative way that involves the visitors of the park. With special focus on areas such as redevelopment of original biotopes and habitats for the fauna of the city the park would help to increase biodiversity in Aarhus. We hope to achieve this through a number of strategies emerging from “the will to be wild” such as the replanting of low maintenance native flora that have a high ecological value. A natural extension of the park would be the surrounding waterfront at Pier 2 where experiments could be carried out with growing seaweed, algae, oysters, andmussels etc.

The park would also house a number of recreational spots with seating and play areas built in to the landscape of the park utilising paths, hills and plateaus. Visitors to the park as well as the employees and students of Bestseller and Navitas Park could use these areas freely.
The educational platform for urban circular processes and sustainability would be located in the middle of the park. This platform could be formed as a dome like the sustainable “Dome of Visions” (see photo). With such a dome. and the climate shield it provides. we aim to exhibit a number of scenarios, projects, products, initiatives. services and so on that offer each their idea of how Aarhus can set the agenda and lead the way on set—ups that support a green transition and circular
economy in our region.
Our ambition is to connect the eco—system park, with
a Centre for Circular Economy and Sustainability.