Mejlgade Lab is an voluntary organization and urban laboratory, which aims to create local and sustain-
able solutions to global climate change and resource challenges, Our goal is to make urban life more
green and sustainable and consequently more liveable.
Mejlgade Lab is based in the Latin Quarter, Aarhus – Denmark and in particular on the street of Mejlgade and acts to create local, community-based development, through a various of ac ties, green tests and pilot projects that support a sustainable transition in the specific areas, Our vIsIon is to inspire and engage locals in green networks and communities, where Mejlgade Lab functions as an intermediate green and sustainable 1:1 laboratory.
In order to facilitate a sustainable transition in the Latin Quarter we employ a user-driven methodology that engages citezens. municipality, local businesses. studens and speciallsts among others in a series of cross-disciplinary projects, processes. workshops and events that inspire to concrete actions. A few of our current themes are waste management, intelligent rainwater solutions, biodiversity, green mobility and greening schemes, as well as others, in the densely populated city.

Mejlgade & Latin Quarter residents
Educational institutions
Aarhus / Munipality of Aarhus
Region Midtjylland
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